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    With an experienced team of artists, landscapers and builders; we help bring your vision to fruition.
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    We provides the highest quality landscaping services because we take great pride in what we do and have done for over 40 years.
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    The Perez Landscaping

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    As part of our commitment to each and every client, we go above and beyond by ensuring reliable, professional service every step of the way.
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    We take care of all landscaping and outdoor home design quickly and efficiently, so you can get outside and start living in it.



The Perez Landscaping

Your landscaping Contractor in Solano County

40 Years of Experience

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When your home needs a little help looking cleaner and greener, you need a local landscape company that does it all, from planting grass seeds, mowing the yard, and even edging services. All-in-one landscape services can be hard to find; many lawn care companies only want to mow your yard. When you’re serious about saving money and making your yard look better, you need to call The Perez Landscaping.

  • New Lawn Installation

  • Lawn Maintenance

  • Irrigation Systems

  • Fences & Decks

  • Retaining Walls

  • Concrete Patios

Vacaville Landscaping Services

As each outdoor space is unique, our professionals can create a fully customized Landscape Maintenance program tailored to your precise needs.

The Perez Landscaping

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For military personal and seniors


The Perez Landscaping

The Perez Landscaping’s vision and goal has always been about creating exceptional living spaces out of everyday areas. At our core is the desire to turn your yard into a personal haven. From our modest beginnings, we have grown and expanded our knowledge and today can stand proud as the number one company for extraordinary landscape services in Contra Costa county. The Perez Landscaping provides professional, family oriented service. Contra Costa is not only our base of operations, it is our home, and as such we have a personal investment in what we do for you. We do not settle for industry standards, we strive to achieve perfection. Our professionals are extensively trained and provided with the best tools in order to make your outdoor space a vision of beauty. We focus on the details, the little things, the small touches that will make your design special and a place in which you and your family will want to spend time.