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Construction, Installations & Maintenance

Serving all Solano County

The Perez Landscaping has provided full-service commercial landscape maintenance including high-end landscape design, installation, construction and maintenance services.. The Perez Landscaping primarily services clients in the Vacaville area including all Solano County.

We are a full-service, family-owned landscape company known for providing commercial landscaping services to commercial properties, office buildings, HOA’s, businesses and institutions. Our objective is simple; it is to ensure that our clients receive the highest level of service at all times.

Concrete Patios

Sealed Concrete​
Concrete performs quite adequately if it is never sealed at all, but applying a good quality sealer every few years will extend its life and keep it looking good. This is especially true if you have a stained or etched concrete driveway or patio, or if you live in an area where winter road salt can eat away at the concrete.
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Washed COncrete
Washed concrete, or exposed aggregate concrete, is a decorative method of finishing concrete by washing away the surface of the cement paste to expose the stone within the concrete.
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Swept COncrete
Concrete finishers have been broom finishing their surfaces for about as long as there has been concrete. Typically decorative concrete surfaces are not broom finished, although dyes and stains can be applied very successfully to broomed finishes.
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Stamped COncrete
Stamped concrete is a method of using mats, stamps, rollers, or templates to impart a specific texture to the surface of the concrete, usually in an effort to mimic some other material. Natural slate, cut tile, brick, fieldstone, cobblestone, and pavers are only a few of the options available.
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As the primary focal point for outdoor living at most homes, the patio is a great place to start a backyard makeover. Unfortunately, that often means dealing with an old, worn-out concrete surface that’s not going to look any better after being painted or stained. An alternative is tearing up the concrete and pouring a new patio, which is expensive and time consuming. The fast, easy, attractive and affordable way to go is renewing the concrete patio with a sleek thin paver often called remodeling pavers.

The simplified process of laying these remodeling pavers over an existing concrete surface is less labor intensive than traditional paver installations, but homeowners are well served to understand the process before hiring a contractor for the job.

Fences & Decks

Construction, Painting and Maintenance Services

The Perez Landscaping

Painting/Sealing Fences & Decks

Are you ready to upgrade your dated-looking fence? Or, perhaps you’d like a stylish pergola to sit under and enjoy one of the beautiful sunsets we have here in Northern California?

At The Perez Landscaping, we get it. Your outdoor living spaces should be an extension of your home and lifestyle. Our experienced fence and deck installation experts can help you select the right type of fence for your needs with unparalleled quality.

Your fence, pergola, or patio deck is one of the smartest investments you can make to improve your home.

Additionally, If you want your fence to maintain its natural appearance, a clear sealant will protect your fence while allowing the grooves of the wood to shine through. When using a sealant, it is important to check the sealant’s strength at least once a year.

You can do this by administering a water test in which you sprinkle some water on the surface of your fence. If you see that it beads up, test it again in a few days. If the water is immediately absorbed into the wood, it is time to re-apply sealant.

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The Perez Landscaping

Pergolas & Gazebos

Expand your outdoor living space easily with our gazebo and pergola. These simple additions have been utilized throughout history and across multiple cultures to accentuate and differentiate, and your backyard can join the fun as well!

Outdoor living is all about bringing the joys and comforts of your home outdoors. With the right pergola or gazebo, you can transform your backyard into the perfect outdoor oasis. Place your gazebo or pergola next to a garden or pond and you can create a beautiful relaxation area, children’s play space or even host weddings and parties.

Landscape Design Service

The Perez Landscaping has provided landscape services in the bay area since 2000. With our high standard of excellence and a strong focus on client satisfaction, we have provided Landscape Architecture Design services for private projects throughout San Francisco Bay area.  If you are looking for landscape architecture services in the San Francisco Bay area, The Perez Landscaping can help.

Residential Landscape Architecture

Is your home or private property in need of a landscape makeover? At The Perez Landscaping, We use the basic principles of landscape design to come up with a plan that includes shape, color, space, and light. Leave it to our architects to design a space that will be both tranquil and functional. Our clients are important to us, no matter how big or how small the job may be. We will come up with a unique solution to transform your landscape into a magnificent work of art and enjoyment.

Maintenance Services

Repair & Maintenance Services

The Perez Landscaping

New Lawn & Maintenance

When you have a great looking yard, you have a nice place of refuge to sit back, relax and enjoy the outside in a great yard. However, many people don’t have the time or green thumb to complete the project.

When you’re looking for professional landscaping and yard maintenance, The Perez Landscaping is the company that can help you! For over 20 years, we have been providing quality service at affordable prices for homes in Contra Costa County and the surrounding areas with the best landscaping and yard maintenance services.

We know what it takes to make a yard look immaculate and we are dedicated to bringing that service to each home we work at.

The Perez Landscaping

Sprinklers & Drip Watering Systems

With many areas facing droughts and enforcing water restrictions periodically throughout the year, conserving water and using it efficiently is sensible and saves you money. A professionally designed drip irrigation system or Sprinklers System will provide minimal water runoff, little if any evaporation, and deep percolation.

As part of The Perez Landscaping services, our irrigation specialists design and install professional drip irrigation systems and Sprinklers  Systems to ensure that plants, trees, flowers, and foliage receive proper watering directly at the roots.


The Perez Landscaping

Pruning & Spring/Fall Clean-Up

Pruning is an important part of every landscaping program. Without proper pruning, your trees and shrubs will not enjoy premium health. You can rely on our grounds care service crews for optimum treatments, including pruning. We are here to keep your property looking its best throughout all the seasons.

Why is pruning important?

Your trees are some of the most valuable assets on your property. In addition to their beauty and the shade they give your land, they take a long time to grow. Providing proper care and maintenance is crucial. Our team of pruning experts can help you make sure that your trees stay strong and healthy.

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When your home needs a little help looking cleaner and greener, you need a local landscape company that does it all, from planting grass seeds, mowing the yard, and even edging services.

All-in-one landscape services can be hard to find; many lawn care companies only want to mow your yard. When you’re serious about saving money and making your yard look better, you need to call The Perez Landscaping.

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